Identify and invest in long term cash generative assets, thereby generating sustainable dividend flow to enable the Trust to meet its social obligations.



The Mineworker’s Investment Company (MIC) is a 100% black owned broad-based investment holding company that was established by the Mineworkers Investment Trust (MIT) to provide ongoing funding for the Trust’s social and educational projects.
With a foundation cemented in South African soil since 1995, we invest in companies of all sizes and across various sectors, including financial services, health, leisure, business services, industrials and media. However, our investment does not end there.



Transformation is at the heart of why and how we do business.

Commitment to transformation

Transformation is at the heart of why and how we do business

Striving for excellence

We behave at all times with a sense of responsibility



“At MIC we have worked hard to realise the vision that binds us: a company that is powerful enough to lift others up, in particular mineworkers and their children, see small black and women owned businesses flourish, transform the companies we support, promote access to education and see financial inclusion become a reality for all. This is our compass and we will stay the course”


We are proud to have diverse range of investment interests in media, financials, industrials, technology and gaming, while seeking ongoing opportunities in industrials, healthcare, and retail.