Since 1995, we’ve invested in companies of all sizes and across various sectors, including financial services, health, leisure, business services, industrials, technology and media. However, we are always looking for new investment opportunities, particularly into highly innovative and original ventures.

MIC values

Mutual Respect

We communicate directly and honestly, allowing everyone to express themselves without fear or favour

Striving for Excellence

We foster a high-performance culture that aims to go beyond the job description as a norm and is focused on delivering high quality outputs timeously.

Commitment to Transformation

We boldly and directly communicate and practice MIC’s commitment to transformation both internally and externally

Act With Integrity

We always do the right thing even in difficult circumstances.

Social Consciousness

We actively support social upliftment projects aimed at addressing the social injustices of the country

Fostering a Supportive Team Culture

We work together towards a common, well-articulated goal that is understood by both individuals and the team.


At MIC we believe in a business philosophy in which the sum is larger than its parts. We are proud to state that through our investees’ corporate social investment, as well as our sister entities within the broader MIT eco-system we have created a far-reaching positive social impact in South Africa.

Our partners


Impact investment refers to the investment into companies and organization with the goal of generating a beneficial social and environmental change.

The MIC Schools

The MIC Schools Programme was created to support students by exposing them to a wide scope of qualitative, vocational  and skills enhancing opportunities.


Discovering and nurturing new talent is vital to growth. We are committed to helping our various investees and affiliated entities find the right employees.