The MIC Schools Programme

The MIC Schools Programme was created to support students by exposing them to a wide scope of qualitative, vocational and skills enhancing opportunities.

We help students to move from school to tertiary learning environments or even entrepreneurship.

There are numerous challenges facing South Africans schools which they struggle to overcome on their own.
We assist in helping schools identify and transcend these obstacles.


Sustainable and radical, positive transformation requires a mindset change, which is why we always seek to inspire young learners and educators. A shift in the mindset and attitudes leads to changed behaviours. By changing the mindsets and approach to teaching and learning, schools can re-engage and prosper despite their circumstances.

These opportunities come in the form of a performing arts festival, public speaking competitions, motivational talks, webinars and vocational speakers, greening projects and various workshops, as well as selective academic and infrastructure interventions including digital learning support through the Karabo e-learning application.