MIC Khulisani Ventures

MIC Khulisani Ventures is a R150 million early-stage investment vehicle targeting black-owned innovative, high growth businesses in South Africa.

MIC Khulisani Ventures is our flagship initiative aimed at creating sustainable social change. Through Khulisani we invest in promising cash generative businesses in a variety of sectors. These businesses provide innovative products or services that disrupt traditional markets, improve efficiencies or respond to existing problems in South Africa.


Investees are funded between R15 million to R30 million in order to spur growth and expansion in South Africa and beyond.

The venture addresses the significant gap in post-revenue investment for businesses that are not plugged into the dominant streams of venture capital networks.

Many black-owned investment-ready ventures are business ideas that can shift industries and society but simply do not take off due to lack of support and funding. This gap in support is even more pronounced for black women-owned and led start-ups.

The ultimate goal of MIC Khulisani Ventures is to accelerate the growth of black entrepreneurs.

An online library where you can access over 60 000 books. These books are available for purchase as well as rental on either a 6-month or 12-month subscription. The books are accessible immediately in a digital format or as physical deliveries.


The business rents consumer products to customers on either a 6- month, 12-month or 18 –month subscription.

Their business is based on improving accessibility to consumer products as it provides customers with access on a subscription-based model.


The platform addresses a language challenge faced by the growing middle class, that often struggle to ensure their children know their indigenous languages.
The platform has leveraged the principles of gamification to encourage this learning. Currently, the platform only offers IsiZulu as it is the most spoken language in South Africa, but they aim to introduce all 11 languages onto the platform.


The platform is aimed at enabling everyday citizens to invest in cattle, macadamia,
and vegetables. Since 2015, the company has allowed people to invest in tangible, growing assets at a click of a button and now manages assets worth over R100 million across different products such as cattle breeding, free-range oxen, organic garden tunnels and macadamia trees.


Quro Medical is a digital health company offering Africa’s first tech-driven Hospital at Home, using health technology to analyse real-time data to monitor patient health.

It aims to build the largest virtual hospital on the continent offering world-class healthcare at much lower costs.

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Boasting offices in Cape Town, Mossel Bay, Durban and Namibia, African Marine Solutions (AMSOL) is a specialist solutions provider and partner to clients who operate in marine environments. AMSOL is the only marine solutions provider in the region that is employee and management owned, and is a catalyst for economic empowerment and shared value creation. The company’s services offering is vast and covers several industries, including ports, mining, maritime and energy. MIC transaction overview In 2016, MIC Capital Partners (a joint venture between MIC and RMB Ventures) acquired an 18% interest in AMSOL